Webinar Review: How to Harness the Microbiome

Webinar Review: How to Harness the Microbiome Rodent model microbiomes introduce confounding effects in an alarming range of study endpoints. In a recent webinar, Aaron Ericsson, Research Assistant Professor and Director of Metagenomics at the University of Missouri, reviewed emerging best practices to identify and control for relevant microbiota, improving the accuracy and reproducibility of your preclinical research.

Dr. Ericsson discussed topics ranging from how the microbiome contributes to experimental variability and reproducibility to controlling for possible impacts on your research.

  • How to plan microbiome studies while controlling for environmental and genetic variability in animal models.
  • How variations in microbiota from different animal model vendors can exacerbate or reduce certain disease states.
  • How to manipulate the microbiome in animal models through cross fostering, co-housing, FMT (fecal microbiota transfer), and CMTR (complex microbiota targeted rederivation).
To explore these and other topics, you can watch the video of Aaron Ericsson's presentation.


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