Biomedical Research Awareness Day 2020

Biomedical Research Awareness Day 2020Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD) will be held virtually on April 16th this year due to event postponements from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. BRAD is sponsored by Americans for Medical Progress (AMP). This initiative is committed to educating students and the public on the importance of biomedical research and the humane use of animals.

The goal is to educate people about the vital role animals play in the development of new treatments and cures for people. It also promotes support for the compassionate care of animals needed for research.

Over 300 Organizations Participated in Biomedical Research Awareness Day 2019

Last year, over 300 organizations participated in BRAD, growing from just 20 when BRAD started in 2016. These public and private institutions have active, animal-based biomedical research programs which help improve our understanding of complex biological processes while moving cures and treatments forward that improve human health.

Resources Available

Each year veterinary, medical, and elementary schools, as well as research institutions, companies, associations, and veterinary hospitals around the world host educational events. BRAD organizers support these efforts by providing numerous resources for institutions who want to host educational events. Materials include planning guides, games, and informational literature and are freely available on the BRAD resource page.

Americans for Medical Progress

AMP states they are "dedicated to protecting your investment in biomedical research. We focus on public outreach that builds understanding and appreciation for necessary and humane animal research. We also provide vital news, information and analysis to biomedical research stakeholders to ensure they have the resources they need to deflect campaigns that threaten the future of medical progress."

Humane Provision of Animal Models for Biomedical Research

At Taconic Biosciences, we provide high quality mouse models for biomedical research and we value the contribution our models make to the biomedical community and overall human health. Taconic prioritizes animal welfare and recognizes the 3Rs as a hallmark of sound decision-making: Replace, Reduce, and Refine.


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