Cancer labs reach beyond exhausted T cells

The concept of T cell exhaustion and the associated immune response has become a priority for immuno-oncology researchers. Taconic's Dr. Janell Richardson was recently interviewed by Nature Methods to elaborate on how mouse models are helping researchers understand the complex processes involved in tumor-immune system interactions. The tumor microenvironment, cytokine expression, and cross-talk between immune system cells all play vital roles in understanding more how tumors evade the immune response and immunotherapies.

Cancer labs reach beyond exhausted T cellsT cells race to the scene in cancer and infection. To tease out what is special in cancer, scientists widen their scope and tool sets.

Tumors are sometimes classified as 'hot' or 'cold'. A hot, inflamed tumor lets T cells in where they can kill cancer cells. Scientists are trying to figure out how to maintain T cell striking power in hot tumors and get T cells in the door in cold tumors. Credit: mikroman6/Moment/Getty
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