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Taconic Biosciences maintains several databases compiled from published research that can help researchers find specific, translatable, use cases for our rodent models.

Syngeneic Cell Line Database

Syngeneic Cell Line DB Screenshot

Taconic Biosciences' inbred mice and genetically engineered models on defined genetic backgrounds are widely used for syngeneic tumor studies, in which mouse tumor cells are engrafted into hosts from the same genetic background. This database of published references can help you identify tumor cell lines and associated background strains in selecting the most appropriate model for your study. »

Xenograft Database

Xenograft Database Screenshot

Our immunodeficient mice and rats have been used in xenograft studies for more than 40 years. With quality you can rely on, 15 of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies use Taconic immunodeficient models. Use this database of published references to help select the most appropriate model for your study.  »

Model Publications Database

Model Publications Database

We also maintain a database of published literature utilizing Taconic models. There are thousands of models represented in this database, with tens of thousands of papers indexed and searchable.  »

Health Standard Selector

Health Standard Selector screenshot

Taconic Biosciences has created a handy wizard that defines your health standard requirements based on a custom exclusion list you create from lists of bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi, and commensal microflora.  »


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