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Animal health testing and health reports are integral parts of Taconic's Quality Assurance Program. Taconic's International Health Monitoring System™ (IHMS™) includes testing for a comprehensive list of microbiological agents. Health reports are organized by Health Report Group (HRG), and each HRG may include one or more source locations such as isolators or barrier rooms.

To find the health report for a particular shipment, review the source location information on the TTC™ label, packing list or Shipping Confirmation. Most source locations include a two-letter abbreviation for the production site. Select the appropriate production site from the facility list and find the source location in the list of HRGs for that site. Alternatively, health reports are also listed by animal model. The searchable table below can also be used by entering a source location, facility or model to quickly filter for relevant results.

How to find source location information and match to a Health Report Group.

To find all health reports for a particular model, view reports by animal model or select the health report section of the relevant model's webpage. Please contact Taconic Customer Service if you need assistance locating a health report.

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Where do I find location?
Model Health Standard Source/Room Location Report
Model Health Standard Source/Room Location Report


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