A Brief Overview of Taconic Health Standards

Taconic Biosciences' health standards are defined by exclusion lists and also by husbandry as well as testing methods and frequency. The standards can be grouped into barrier standards (with exclusion lists) and gnotobiotic isolator standards (in which all organisms in a location are known). A core list of rodent pathogens is excluded from all Taconic health standards.

Barrier Health Standards

Applied to majority of animals produced by Taconic.

Murine Pathogen Free™ (MPF™) - free of rodent pathogens. Appropriate for many types of experiments and may be preferred for certain immunological studies.

Restricted Flora™ (RF™) - free of rodent pathogens and 6 select opportunistic pathogens. Note that Taconic is phasing out most RF™ production in the US and Europe in favor of OF™ and EF.

Opportunist Free™ (OF™) - free of rodent pathogens and 7 select opportunistic pathogens.

Excluded Flora (EF) - free of rodent pathogens and 7 select opportunistic pathogens as well as Segmented Filamentous Bacteria, a normal rodent commensal organism shown to impact immune system development.

Taconic produces nearly all immunodeficient animals at RF™, OF™ or EF and provides certain standard strains at these more restrictive standards. These three standards are defined by more biosecure husbandry methods as well as enhanced health monitoring. Selection among RF™, OF™ and EF should be based on which opportunistic pathogens and commensal organisms you wish to control in your experiment.

Opportunistic pathogen or commensal organismRF™ Accepted?OF™ Accepted?EF Accepted?
Beta hemolytic Streptococcus (non Group D) NoNoNo
Klebsiella oxytocaNoNoNo
Klebsiella pneumoniaeNoNoNo
Pseudomonas aeruginosaNoNoNo
Staphylococcus aureusNoNoNo
Pasteurella multocidaNoNoNo
Proteus spp.YesNoNo
Segmented Filamentous Bacteria (SFB, a normal rodent commensal)YesYesNo

Gnotobiotic Isolator Standards

Applied to limited quantities of special purpose animals.

Defined Flora (DF) - Only permitted microorganisms are Altered Schaedler Flora, dimorphic yeast, mold, aerobic spore forming bacteria, and anaerobic spore forming bacteria. No excluded pathogens are allowed. All organisms in isolator are known.

Germ Free (GF) - Devoid of all microorganisms, as determined within the limitations of the detection methods available, including bacteria, fungi and viruses; they have no microbiome.

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