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Warmoes M, et al.
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Warmoes M, Jaspers JE, Xu G, Sampadi BK, Pham TV, Knol JC, Piersma SR, Boven E, Jonkers J, Rottenberg S, Jimenez CR
(2013) Proteomics of genetically engineered mouse mammary tumors identifies fatty acid metabolism members as potential predictive markers for cisplatin resistance. Mol. Cell Proteomics 12(5):1319-34
Breast Cancer
Derksen PW, et al.
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Derksen PW, Liu X, Saridin F, van der Gulden H, Zevenhoven J, Evers B, van Beijnum JR, Griffioen AW, Vink J, Krimpenfort P, Peterse JL, Cardiff RD, Berns A, Jonkers J
(2006) Somatic inactivation of E-cadherin and p53 in mice leads to metastatic lobular mammary carcinoma through induction of anoikis resistance and angiogenesis. Cancer Cell 10(5):437-49
Breast Cancer
Jonkers J, et al.
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Jonkers J, Meuwissen R, van der Gulden H, Peterse H, van der Valk M, Berns A
(2001) Synergistic tumor suppressor activity of BRCA2 and p53 in a conditional mouse model for breast cancer. Nat. Genet. 29(4):418-25
Breast Cancer

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