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Kempaiah Rayavara Kempaiah, et al.
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Kempaiah Rayavara Kempaiah, Aleksandra Drelich, Jason C Hsu, Vivian Tat and Chien-Te K Tseng
(2021) Endogenous Type I interferon signaling plays a pivotal role in restricted SARS-CoV-2 infection in human ACE2 transgenic mice J Immunol May 1, 2021, 206 (1 Supplement) 20.15
Yoshikawa N, et al.
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Yoshikawa N, Yoshikawa T, Hill T, Huang C, Watts DM, Makino S, Milligan G, Chan T, Peters CJ, Tseng CT
(2009) Differential virological and immunological outcome of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in susceptible and resistant transgenic mice expressing human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. J Virol 83(11):5451-65
Tseng CT, et al.
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Tseng CT, Huang C, Newman P, Wang N, Narayanan K, Watts DM, Makino S, Packard MM, Zaki SR, Chan TS, Peters CJ
(2007) Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection of mice transgenic for the human Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 virus receptor. J Virol 81(3):1162-73
Ma H, et al.
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Ma H, Guo Y, Tang H, Tseng CK, Wang L, Zong H, Wang Z, He Y, Chang Y, Wang S, Huang H, Ke Y, Yuan Y, Wu M, Zhang Y, Drelich A, Kempaiah KR, Peng BH, Wang A, Yang K, Yin H, Liu J, Yue Y, Xu W, Zhu S, Ji T, Zhang X, Wang Z, Li G, Liu G, Song J, Mu L, Xiang Z, Song Z, Chen H, Bian Y, Zhang B, Chen H, Zhang J, Liao Y, Zhang L, Yang L, Chen Y, Gilly J, Xiao X, Han L, Jiang H, Xie Y, Zhou Q, Zhu J
(2022) Broad ultra-potent neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 variants by monoclonal antibodies specific to the tip of RBD. Cell Discov 8(1):16

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