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Bulliard Y, et al.
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Bulliard Y, Jolicoeur R, Windman M, Rue SM, Ettenberg S, Knee DA, Wilson NS, Dranoff G, Brogdon JL
(2013) Activating Fc γ receptors contribute to the antitumor activities of immunoregulatory receptor-targeting antibodies. J. Exp. Med. 210(9):1685-93
Takai T, et al.
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Takai T, Li M, Sylvestre D, Clynes R, Ravetch JV
(1994) FcR gamma chain deletion results in pleiotrophic effector cell defects. Cell 76(3):519-29
Reitan SK, et al.
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Reitan SK, Hannestad K
(2002) Immunoglobulin heavy chain constant regions regulate immunity and tolerance to idiotypes of antibody variable regions. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 99(11):7588-93
Looney MR, et al.
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Looney MR, Su X, Van Ziffle JA, Lowell CA, Matthay MA
(2006) Neutrophils and their Fc gamma receptors are essential in a mouse model of transfusion-related acute lung injury. J. Clin. Invest. 116(6):1615-23
Wernersson S, et al.
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Wernersson S, Karlsson MC, Dahlström J, Mattsson R, Verbeek JS, Heyman B
(1999) IgG-mediated enhancement of antibody responses is low in Fc receptor gamma chain-deficient mice and increased in Fc gamma RII-deficient mice. J. Immunol. 163(2):618-22
Park SY, et al.
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Park SY, Arase H, Wakizaka K, Hirayama N, Masaki S, Sato S, Ravetch JV, Saito T
(1995) Differential contribution of the FcR gamma chain to the surface expression of the T cell receptor among T cells localized in epithelia: analysis of FcR gamma-deficient mice. Eur. J. Immunol. 25(7):2107-10
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