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Bolden TE, et al.
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Bolden TE, Holt F, Stewart EB
(1978) The fox palate. Q Natl Dent Assoc 37(1):16-21
Mayford M, et al.
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Mayford M, Bach ME, Huang YY, Wang L, Hawkins RD, Kandel ER
(1996) Control of memory formation through regulated expression of a CaMKII transgene. Science 274(5293):1678-83
Suda T, et al.
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Suda T, Oyanagi M, Wakana S, Takahashi Y, Kanada H, Yonekawa H, Miyashita N, Shiroishi T, Moriwaki K, Kominami R
(1994) Novel mouse microsatellites: primer sequences and chromosomal location. DNA Res. 1(4):169-74
Kozak CA, et al.
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Kozak CA, Danciger M, Bowes C, Adamson MC, Palczewski K, Polans AS, Farber DB
(1995) Localization of three genes expressed in retina on mouse chromosome 11. Mamm. Genome 6(2):142-4
Danciger M, et al.
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Danciger M, Kozak CA, Adamson MC, Farber DB
(1992) Chromosomal localization of the murine genes for the alpha- and beta-subunits of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II. Mamm. Genome 3(2):122-5
Karls U, et al.
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Karls U, Müller U, Gilbert DJ, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Harbers K
(1992) Structure, expression, and chromosome location of the gene for the beta subunit of brain-specific Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II identified by transgene integration in an embryonic lethal mouse mutant. Mol. Cell. Biol. 12(8):3644-52

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