Acsf2 - Model 11199 - cKO

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Nomenclature: C57BL/6-Acsf2tm1.1mrl

  • The targeting vector has been generated using C57BL/6J DNA and transfected into TaconicArtemis C57BL/6NTac ES cell line.
  • Exon 1 contains the translation initiation codon.
  • Exons 2 to 6 have been flanked by loxP sites (size of loxP-flanked region: 2.6 kb).
  • The conditional KO allele has been generated after Flp-mediated recombination by crossing chimeras to a Flp-Deleter on a C57BL/6 background.
  • The conditional KO line has been derived using C57BL/6NTac animals and the Flp-transgene was removed by segregation.
  • The constitutive KO allele can be generated by Cre-mediated recombination. Deletion of exons 2 to 6 should result in loss of function of the Acsf2 gene by deleting part of the catalytic domain and by generating a frameshift from exon 1 to exons 7 and 8 (premature Stop codon in exon 7).
  • The remaining recombination sites are located in non-conserved regions of the genome.
  • According to NCBI and Ensembl databases, there are 2 genes in the neighborhood of the Acsf2 gene:

    • The Chad gene (Entrez ID:12643; ENSMUSG00000039084) is located into Acsf2 intron 10 (182 bp downstream of Acsf2 exon 10) in tail-to-tail orientation.

    • The Rsad1 gene (Entrez ID:237926; ENSMUSG00000039096) is located 22 kb downstream of Acsf2 exon 6 in a head-to-tail orientation.

  • The corresponding constitutive KO allele is available as line 10908.
  • Datamining and Design performed in 2009.


Cryopreserved at Taconic

Source: TaconicArtemis

This model is cryopreserved and available for recovery. Models can typically be recovered and delivered to customers within 14-16 weeks after order receipt. Purchase of this model includes perpetual use rights and a deliverable of four mutant animals at the Murine Pathogen Free™ health standard along with a genotyping protocol. For models which include a recombinase gene or multiple alleles, all alleles will be provided, but individual animals may not contain all mutant alleles.

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Strain Type:Inbred
Allele Type:Conditional Knockout
Genetic Background:C57BL/6
Gene Family: Synthetase
Gene Symbol: Acsf2
Gene Accession Number: NM_153807.2
Gene Name: acyl-CoA synthetase family member 2





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Acsf2 - Model 11199 - cKO

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      2024 Pricing Guide Now Available

      Get your Taconic Biosciences 2024 Pricing Guide today. Personalized, customizable, links to up-to-date health reports, and additional information on Taconic's products and services.