Ung Knockout Mouse

Constitutive Knockout

Ung Constitutive Knockout Mouse Model
This line is cryopreserved and requires cryorecovery.

129;C57BL/6 Background

  • Model #
  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • 14095-F
  • 14095-M
  • Knockout of the uracil DNA glycosylase (Ung) gene
  • This line is useful for the in vivo study of Ung function and DNA mismatch mutation during DNA synthesis.
  • Mice develop B cell lymphoma and are defective in their immune response.


The Ung knockout mouse was developed in the laboratory of Thomas Lindahl at the London Research Institute. A ung targeting vector, replacing exon 4 with a resistance cassette, was transfected into 129 ES cells. Properly targeted ES cells containing a homologous recombination event were selected, cloned, and injected into C57BL6 blastocysts. Chimeric mice were mated with C57BL6 mice to generate heterozygotes. Heterozygous mice were interbred to generate homozygous Ung-/- mice. Founder lines were backcrossed to C57BL/6. Taconic received embryos from CRT in 2015.


Cancer Research Technology (CRT)



Initial Publication:

Nilsen et al., 2003. Gene-targeted mice lacking the Ung uracil-DNA glycosylase develop B-cell lymphomas. Oncogene., 22:5381-86.

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