Spontaneous Mutant

scid-beige Spontaneous Mutant Mouse Model
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    C.B-Igh-1b/GbmsTac-Prkdcscid-Lystbg N7
    C.B-Igh-1b/GbmsTac-Prkdcscid-Lystbg N7
  • The mutations were backcrossed seven generations to the congenic C.B-17 background
  • This double mutant model carries the scid mutation which causes a lack of both T and B lymphocytes due to a defect in V(D)J recombination
  • It also carries the beige mutation which results in cytotoxic T cell and macrophage defects as well as selective impairment of NK cell functions. As a result, scid-beige mice are potentially an improved model for receipt of xenotransplants and for infectious disease studies
  • It has also been observed that the C.B-17 scid-beige strain has a lower incidence of serum Ig relative to the C.B.-17 scid strain
Orders by weight: Taconic cannot routinely accept orders by weight for this model due to colony size. Please inquire for options if weight is critical for your experiment.

Genetic Background:

C.B-17 Background


The scid-beige Spontaneous mutant model was developed by Dr. Anne Croy et al of the University of Guelph in April 1993 by intercrossing C.B.-17 from R. A. Phillips to C57BL/6-bg from the Jackson Laboratory. The beige (Lyst bg) mutation was backcrossed seven generations (N7) to a C.B.-17 scid spontaneous mutant background from the Ontario Cancer Institute.


Refer to the C.B-17 (background strain) for genetic data

Coat Color Loci:

Tyrp1b, Tyrc, Lystbg





Average litter size: 6

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