Humanized MRP2 Mouse

Targeted Replacement

Humanized MRP2 Targeted Replacement Mouse Model
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  • Nomenclature
  • 9179-F
  • 9179-M
  • This targeted mutation strain carries a replacement of the mouse Abcc2 gene which encodes for the multidrug resistance protein (MRP2) with the corresponding human orthologous gene.
  • Useful to study the role of human MRP2 in drug bioavailability.


The Humanized MRP2 Mouse was developed by Taconic in collaboration with CXR Biosciences. It was created through a targeted replacement of mouse Mrp2 Exon 2 with a cDNA construct containing human MRP2 Exons 2-32 in C57BL/6NTac-derived ES cells. This leads to the expression of a fusion protein of amino acids encoded by mouse Exons 1 and human Exons 2 to 32 driven by the mouse Mrp2 promoter, so that the potential mouse leader sequence encoded by Exon 1 is retained. Targeted ES cells were injected into BALB/cJBomTac blastocysts and the resultant chimeras were backcrossed to a Flpe deleter strain on C57BL/6J to eliminate the selection marker. Taconic received stock in 2009, and the line was embryo transfer derived. The colony was maintained by mating homozygotes.





Initial Publication:

Scheer N, Balimane P, Hayward MD, Buechel S, Kauselmann G, Wolf CR. Generation and Characterization of a Novel MRP2 Humanized Mouse Line. Drug Metab Dispos. 2012 Aug 23.

Additional Publications:
Wen X, Buckley B, McCandlish E, Goedken MJ, Syed S, Pelis R, Manautou JE, Aleksunes LM. Transgenic expression of the human MRP2 transporter reduces cisplatin accumulation and nephrotoxicity in Mrp2-null mice. Am J Pathol. 2014 184(5):1299-308.

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