H2-Kb Knockout

Constitutive Knockout

H2-Kb Constitutive Knockout Mouse Model
The NIAID Exchange Program has closed and live production of this model has ceased. This webpage is retained for historical reference, but this model is not available from Taconic.

  • Model #
  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • 4216-F
    B6.129P2-H2-Kbtm1 N12
  • 4216-M
    B6.129P2-H2-Kbtm1 N12
In the H-2Kb-/- mouse, no cell surface expression of Kb on peripheral lymphocytes can be detected on analysis by immunofluorescence while similar analysis reveals a compensatory increase in cell surface expression of other Class I molecules (Db, Q7, and Q9) and almost unaltered levels of b2m as compared to normal B6 mice. However, a substantial reduction(30-50%) of peripheral CD8ab+ T cells was observed with no accompanying alteration in Vb diversity. The mice are useful for studying cytolytic T lymphocyte education and mobilization against pathogens and the analysis of the role of MHC restriction in various diseases.


C57BL/6 mice deficient in Kb were generated by homologous recombination in the laboratory of Dr. Francois Lemonnier of The Institut Pasteur, Paris France.

Generation of H-2 Kb Targeted Mutation mice-The Kb gene was disrupted by replacing the 2nd and 3rd exons with an HPRT minigene inserted in the opposite transcriptional orientation. The disrupted gene was introduced into an E14TGa(H-2b and b2ma) HPRT deficient embryonic stem cell of 129/OLA origin. After injection into B6 blastocysts, the resultant germline chimeras were backcrossed twice to C57BL/6Ji mice and offspring heterozygous for the H2-Kb knockout allele were crossed to generate H2-Kb deficient mice (Kb -/-). Inactivation of the H2-Kbgene was confirmed by Southern blot analysis on tail DNA and by FACS analysis. The targeted mutation mice were subsequently backcrossed to C56BL/6Ji mice another 10 times before being intercrossed to achieve homozygosity . Six pairs of the N12 homozygous mice were transferred from Dr. Lemonnier to the NIAID repository at Taconic in 2001 where they were embryo transfer derived.


This model is no longer available.





Initial Publication:

Pascolo S, Bervas N, Ure JM, Smith AG, Lemmonier FA and Pérarnau B. HLA-A2.1-restricted education and cytolytic activity of CD8+ T lymphocytes from β2-microglobulin(β2m) HLA-2.1 monochain trangenic H2Dbβ2m double knockout mice. J. Exp. Med. 1997. 185: 2043-2051

Pérarnau B, Saron MF, San Martin BR, Bervas N, Ong H, Soloski MJ, Smith AG, Ure JM, Gairin JE and Lemonnier FA. Single H-2Kb, H-2Db and double H-2KbDb knockout mice: peripheral CD8+ T cell repertoire and antilymphocytic choriomeningitis virus cytolytic responses. Eur. J. Immunol. 1999. 29: 1243-1252


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