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FVB Background

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  • 11520
  • Expresses luciferase under the control of the cAMP response element (CRE) primarily in the CNS
  • GPCR signaling through the cAMP pathway can be detected from the target GPCR that is in a native cellular environment with a full complement of associated receptors and membrane constituents
  • Useful for screening in vivo (whole animal), in vitro (primary neuronal cultures), and ex vivo (brain slice) assays
  • Learn more about the CRE-Luc GPCR Reporter Mouse Platform
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Genetic Background:

FVB Background


The CRE-Luc GPCR Reporter Mouse, Line 187 was developed by Sanofi. The model was created by microinjecting a transgene containing a 6x CRE promoter, the HSV TK minimal promoter, modified firefly luciferase cDNA from pGL4 and a human growth hormone polyA tail. This transgene was microinjected into FVB/NTac zygotes. The resultant mice from founder line 187 were bred to FVB/NTac mice. Taconic received stock from Sanofi in 2012. The line was embryo transfer derived. The production colony was maintained at homozygous genotype.





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