Ccr2 Knockout

Constitutive Knockout

Ccr2 Knockout Constitutive Knockout Mouse Model
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C57BL/6 Background

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  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • 3736
    B6.129P2-Ccr2tm1Mae N10
  • Disruption of the Ccr2 gene results in defects in macrophage trafficking
  • Useful for elucidating the function of cells expressing CCR2 during immune and inflammatory processes
  • Useful in the study of asthma, colitis, arthritis and immune response polarization

Genetic Background:



The Ccr2 Knockout mouse was developed by William A. Kuziel in the laboratory of Nobuya Maeda at the University of North Carolina. The model was created by targeting the Ccr2 gene in E14TG2a embryonic stem cells derived from 129P2/Ola mice and injecting the targeted cells into C57BL/6 blastocysts. Resultant chimeras were backcrossed to C57BL/6N for ten generations (N10). Taconic received stock in December 2004. The mice were derived by embryo transfer. The colony was maintained by incrossing homozygous mice.


Wild type for Nnt mutation





Initial Publication:

Kuziel WA, Morgan SJ, Dawson TC, Griffin S, Smithies O, Ley K, Maeda N. Severe reduction in leukocyte adhesion and monocyte extravasation in mice deficient in CC chemokine receptor 2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1997, 94(22):12053-8.

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