BALB/c Bom Inbred Mouse Model

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  • This subline is the most widely-used for the production of monoclonal antibodies by hybridoma technique
  • Males are non-aggressive and easy to handle


The Laboratory Animal Center (Lac) received the BALB/c Bom inbred model from the Jackson Laboratory in 1955. The Zentralinstitut für Versuchstierzucht in Hannover Germany (Han) received stock from Lac. M&B A/S (now Taconic Europe) received stock at F68 from Han in 1987. The Taconic foundation colony was at F83 + 17 in 2000.


  • Strain Profile: Akp1b, Akp2a, Anpepb, Car2b, Es1b, Es2b, Es3a, Es5b, Es9a, H6pd1b, Gpi1a, Got2b, Hbbd, Idh1a, Ldr1a, Ldr2a, Mod1a, Mup1a, Pep3a, Pgm1a, Trfb
  • Immunology: H2d





For some applications, weight may be critical. For orders where weight is critical, please place orders by weight, not by age. Taconic can accept orders by weight for this model. A minimum 3 gram span is required. All weights are weights at time of packing. Mice and rats can lose weight in transit. Orders for specific weight spans will be assessed a nominal fee. More detail on weight order policies is available.

n= 40 per sex at MPF health standard from EU production colonies. Data collected 2014-15.
High and Low represent mean +/- 1 standard deviation.
Based on sample size the charts above represents ~60% of the population.
All growth curves represent animals housed in our barriers, at our standard density and fed NIH31-M diet. Variations at customer facilities will alter expected growth curves. Growth charts are provided only as a guide, if a specific weight criteria is needed please order animals by weight.

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Average litter size: 8
  • Pathophysiology: Low mammary tumour incidence, but susceptible to MMTV. Heart lesions in older breeders and arteriosclerosis common. High levels of alpha-fetoprotein in adult mice (Olsson et al. 1977). Susceptible to induction of plasma cell tumors with mineral oil. Susceptible to chronic pneumonia. Large reticuloendothelial organs relative to body weight. Extremely sensitive to radiation. Resistant to insoniazid induced seizure.
  • Characteristics: Males of the Lac subline are non-aggressive (Festing 1986).
  • Application in Biomedical Research: Plasmacytomas induced by injection of mineral oil or pristane from the basis for the production of monoclonal antibodies by hybridoma technique (Furmanski & Rich 1982). BALB/cJ is widely used for this purpose. For antibody production in ascites, F1 hybrids of BALB/cJ and an outbred Swiss mouse (i.e. NMRI) may be advantageous (Broder & Tsang 1986).

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