NOG Portfolio

Modern oncology, infectious disease, and immunology research requires specialized mouse models. Humanized Mice are precision research mouse models that provide opportunities for scientists to better understand and develop treatments for some of today’s most prevalent diseases. Such in vivo models also hold great potential for improving the predictability of human response to drugs later in clinical development.

Taconic Bioscience's NOG Portfolio collection of mice are ideal for these studies. The portfolio consists of three sets of NOG mouse models. 
These models are available immediately in large quantities.

  • CIEA NOG mouse®: Super immunodeficient model lacking mature T, B, and NK cells on an NOD background; 
  • CIEA BRG mouse: Super immunodeficient model lacking mature T, B, and NK cells congenic on BALB/c background; most useful for studies requiring clinically relevant radiation doses
Next generation models are based on the CIEA NOG mouse® with further genetic modifications. Examples of such modifications include expression of human cytokines that support myeloid lineage development, modifications that enable reconstitution of human liver, and the deletion of mouse major histocompatibility complex genes to study human MHC reactive T cells.

  • B2m-NOG
  • NOG-EXL (hGM-CSF/hIL-3 NOG): NOG with expression of transgenic human GM-CSF and human IL3.
    • Used for hematopoietic stem cell engraftment that supports the development of an improved human immune system.

  • TK-NOG: NOG with transgenic expression of thymidine kinase under control of liver restricted albumin promoter.
    • Used for reconstitution of the human liver.

  • hIL-2 NOG
  • hIL-6 NOG
  • hIL-15 NOG


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