GEMs Design

Genetically Engineered Animal Models Designed to Your Specifications

Rapidly changing technology is giving researchers increased choices and greater precision when it comes to building the optimal small animal model.

As a fully-licensed provider of mouse and rat model generation services, Taconic stays current with the latest genetic and genomic technologies, and are ready to partner with you to generate the model your study needs, whether you just have a gene name and no small animal experience, or you have the vector constructs already made, protocols designed, and just need everything implemented.

Learn more about some of the different technologies and processes Taconic employs for generating genetically engineered models (GEMs) by clicking on the links below, or speak to a representative now.

Gene inactivation

Discover the role your selected gene plays and gain critical insights into basic gene function, human disease pathogenesis, and drug discovery and development.

Gene mutation or replacement

Introduce specific genes or gene mutations to analyze gene expression, find regulatory elements, and model human disease.

Transgene expression

Induce gene overexpression to gain valuable insights into transgene functions in specific physiological processes.


Knockdown difficult-to-delete genes, knockdown two genes at the same time, or avail of inducible and reversible knockdown mouse or rat models.

Gene editing

Generate knock outs or knock-ins of point mutations using the latest CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to study gene function, create disease models, and more.

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