The Model Question: What Are the Benefits of HIS in Drug Discovery?

Humanized immune system (HIS) models have demonstrated utility in early-stage drug discovery across a range of therapeutic areas. In an interview with Drug Discovery World, Taconic Biosciences' Dr. Paul Volden discusses the types of HIS models, how they've evolved, and the advantages and disadvantages of HIS models that use hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) vs those that use other cell types. He also explains how HIS models can contribute resource savings and efficiencies during early-stage drug discovery:

Medication pills“Characterisation and validation of next generation HIS models has allowed the maturation of the field. While straightforward models such as huPBMC-NOG and huNOG continue to be useful, the development of next generation models expressing various human cytokines designed to bridge the gap between human and mouse immune cell development have opened up some really exciting experimental options. Now researchers can ask questions related to myeloid, NK and other cell types which weren't possible with more basic HIS models.”
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