Taconic Biosciences Learn at Home Series: Oncology

Learn at Home Series: OncologyWith many researchers and laboratory animal professionals under orders to remain at home to limit the spread of coronavirus, we know you may have a bit more time on your hands than usual. To help keep you engaged while working from home, Taconic Biosciences has pulled together a series of educational materials organized around different therapeutic areas. The first track is available now, with additional tracks available soon.

Learn at Home Series: Oncology is now live. This complimentary series includes several sub-tracks:

  • Humanized mice for immuno-oncology
  • Cell line-derived xenografts (CDX) and patient-derived xenografts (PDX)
  • Syngeneic tumor modeling

Materials include white papers, popular on-demand webinars, a virtual poster session, and more. All of the material is available to read and watch at your own pace. Sign up now for access to this content.


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