Microbiome Summit Exploring Industry-Academic Partnerships

Microbiome Summit Exploring Industry-Academic Partnerships International microbiome experts from academia and industry recently came together for the inaugural Microbiome Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 5, 2017. Hosted by the Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA), this summit was intended to "bring together key ... stakeholders from academia, industry and the hospital sector ... to develop knowledge-sharing and a strong scientific community," according to chairman Morten Sommer.

Sommer, also a Professor at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark, plans to draw on summit participants to develop a regional microbiome network leveraging academic and industry strengths in microbiome discovery efforts.

Topic Areas

The MVA Microbiome Summit focused on five different areas: metabolic disease, CNS disorders, gut & oral microbiome, probiotics & nutrition, and new technique platforms. Keynote speakers included Fredrik Bäckhed from the University of Gothenburg and John Cryan from University College Cork. Industry representation at the meeting included Novo Nordisk, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Lundbeck, and Taconic Biosciences.

Microbiome Studies in Mice

Preclinical microbiome studies in mice were featured prominently in many of the talks and discussions. Philip Dubé, Applications Scientist at Taconic, presented a short seminar introducing the role of the mouse microbiome in inflammation and diabetes in the NOD mouse model. The participants discussed issues involving the microbiome in mouse models, including strategies to control for microbiome variation and to improve model performance.

Understanding the microbiome and developing novel therapies in this field depends on collaborations between academia, pharma, and other industry stakeholders. Taconic's microbiome expertise and collaborative efforts strive to transform preclinical research and fully explore the possibilities of preclinical microbiome research.


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