Advancing Microbiome Research Symposium

Advancing Microbiome Research Symposium On September 29th, I had the pleasure of attending Advancing Microbiome Research Symposium: Microbiome & Mice in Cambridge, MA. The complimentary full-day program was hosted by Taconic Biosciences and featured speakers from University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, University of Minnesota, Massachusetts General Hospital and University of Virginia came and presented new and relevant information concerning the role of the microbiome in immune response and in contributing to or protecting from disease.

Microbiome Research Symposium: Various Research Field Attendees

The event was well attended by a large group of researchers in a vast array of different research fields. In fact, there were more than 75 attendees including veterinarians, study directors, post docs and PIs representing more than 50 research institutions. The major research focuses of the attendees ranged from metabolic and cardiovascular disease, to immunology and oncology.

Major themes of the Microbiome Research Symposium were:

  • Several of the presenters were pursuing their research, when the microbiome interfered, thus many microbiome researchers began in an entirely different field of study.
  • The composition of the microbiome can have a positive or negative impact on a variety of diseases from diabetes to sepsis to arthritis.
  • The microbiome will play a crucial role in future treatment and prevention of human disease.

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