Academic Research - Pool of available GEMs increases by 75 models

Taconic Biosciences has recently added an additional 75 mouse models to the GEM Collection Repository. The GEM Collection's nearly 300 lines provide academic and nonprofit researchers worldwide with unparalleled access to a wide range of genetically engineered mouse models.

These mouse models are relevant to several disease areas, such as cardiovascular, diabetes/ endocrinology, neuroscience, oncology, respiratory, and immunology. The GEM Collection repository offers nonprofit researchers immediate access to expertly designed, highly valuable research tools that rapidly accelerate functional genetic research. The collection provides resources to study the effect of both loss (constitutive and conditional) and gain of function mutations in the context of the whole animal.

The lines are maintained as frozen germplasm (sperm and/or embryos) allowing academic researchers on demand access with rapid recovery times. Eliminating the time associated with the design and development of these mouse models provides a tremendous competitive advantage.

  • Accelerated Time Lines: Live mice can be obtained in about 17 weeks. Lines are generally recovered from frozen sperm using state of the art embryological services.

  • Genetic Integrity: Most lines are congenic with the C57BL/6NTac inbred background. No time-consuming backcrossing is necessary.

  • Significantly Reduced Investment: Low cost access to complex models. There are no license fees giving nonprofits cost-effective access to the collection.

New Model Details

Taconic Catalog Gene Symbol Allele Type Gene Family Gene Accession
7917 Acly cKO Synthase NM_134037
10412 Acly KO Synthase NM_134037
7975 Agrp KO Neuropeptide NM_007427
8265 Atp6ap2 cKO ATPase NM_027439
7932 Bace1 KO Protease NM_001145947
8037 Cd300lb Tg Receptor NM_199221
8038 Cd300lb Tg Receptor NM_199221
8039 Cd300lb Tg Receptor NM_199221
8041 Cd300lb Tg Receptor NM_199221
8040 Cd300lg Tg Receptor NM_001160713
8087 Chia KO Chitinase NM_023186
11163 Clec5a (Mdl1) cKO Lectin NM_001038604
12015 Cyp8b1 cKO Hydrolase NM_010012
11784 Cyp8b1 KO Hydrolase NM_010012
10053 Dpp4 cKO Peptidase NM_010074
10397 Enpp1 hTg Phosphodiesterase NM_006208
10896 Fabp4 KO Enzyme activator NM_024406
11165 Fabp4&5 dKO Enzyme activator NM_010634
9569 Fbxo32 cKO Inhibitor NM_026346
10058 Fbxo40 cKO Ligase NM_001037321
10181 Fgf21 Tg Growth factor NM_020013
11364 Fgfr1 cKO Receptor NM_010206
11334 Fgfr3 cKO Receptor NM_001205270
9704 Gcgr KO Receptor NM_008101
10888 Gpr120 KO G-protein coupled receptor NM_181748
11021 Grik1 cKO Receptor NM_146072
10889 Hrh3 KO Receptor NM_133849
TTM 612 Il1b KO Cytokine NM_008361
12685 Irf5 KO Regulatory factor NM_001252382
12646 Irf5 cKO Regulatory factor NM_001252382
8052 Jak2 cKO Kinase NM_001048177
12079 Kcnj1 KO Ion channel NM_019659
11481 Kcnj1 cKO Ion channel NM_019659
8734 Kcnk3 cKO Ion channel NM_010608
8799 Keap1 cKO Inhibitor NM_001110305
11432 Klb KO Receptor NM_031180
11155 Lair1 KO Receptor NM_001113474
7904 Lrrtm3 KO Leucine rich repeat NM_178678
12849 Magt1 KO Transporter NM_001190409
12847 Magt1 cKO Transporter NM_001190409
8977 Mapt cKO Microtubule NM_010838
10771 Mapt KO Microtubule NM_010838
9743 Mir34a KO microRNA NR_029751
9512 Mir34a cTTG microRNA NR_029751
9746 Mir34bc KO microRNA NR_029655
9717 Mir34bc cKO microRNA NR_029655
9745 Mir122a cKO microRNA NR_029600
9568 Mir122a cTTG microRNA NR_029600
9983 Mir449a_b_c KO microRNA NR_029961
15453 Mmp3 KO Peptidase NM_010809
13143 Nfe2l2 KO Nuclear factor NM_010902
13107 Nfe2l2 cKO Nuclear factor NM_010902
12935 Nlrp3 KO ATPase NM_145827
12809 Nlrp3 cKO ATPase NM_145827
12889 Nod2 cKO Caspase NM_145857
12888 Nod2 KO Caspase NM_145857
12910 Nod2 cTTG Caspase NM_145857
13233 Npr3 KO Receptor NM_008728
13105 Npr3 cKO Receptor NM_008728
10898 Pcsk9 cKO Protease NM_153565
12728 Pilra KO Receptor NM_153510
8069 Pkmyt1 cKO Kinase NM_023058
10595 Prkag3 KO Kinase NM_153744
13103 Prkg2 cKO Kinase NM_008926
7915 Prmt2 KO Transferase NM_001077638
12834 Rock1 cKO Kinase NM_009071
12905 Rock2 cKO Kinase NM_009072
9508 Rps6ka1 KO Kinase NM_009097
9329 Slc22a6-a8 dKO Solute carrier NM_008766, NM_001164634
11785 Sykb cKO Kinase NM_001198977
12684 Tyk2 KO Kinase NM_001205312
12647 Tyk2 cKO Kinase NM_001205312
8726 Vnn1 KO Hydrolase NM_011704
Coupled with Taconic's core capability of custom breeding, the GEM Collection can provide research labs with the animals they need to rapidly produce study data, without the additional work and cost of animal colony production and maintenance.

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