On-Demand Webinar: Germ-free Study Design and Timeline Planning

Presented by:

Frank Razzaboni - Park Bioservices, LLC, President


This webinar covered what is needed to successfully launch, maintain, and complete a germ-free project. The presentation was an overview covering vendor selection for the various resources & components needed. In Timeline Planning, the focus was on the steps and sequence of a successful germ-free project.

More about Frank Razzaboni

Frank's introduction to isolator technology and latter germ-free technology started in the late 90's as a Product Coordinator participating in several germ-free studies. His duties in those studies largely centered on logistics. He coordinated the manufacturing and delivery of the isolators and all the supplies to a major pharmaceutical company that conducted a gut flora study in large isolators. Frank volunteered to leak test and sterilize the isolators at the customer's facility. That was the genesis of his interest and perhaps fixation with isolation technology!

In 1996, Frank Razzaboni started his own company devoted to isolation technology. From 1996 to today, he has been the President of Park Bioservices. With the valued input of the laboratory animal community and his clients, he designs and manufactures isolators for germ-free studies and other applications.

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