On-Demand Webinar: Cryopreservation - An Investment in Genetic Stability, GEMM Preservation and Cost Savings

Presented by:

Dr. Philip Damiani, PhD


In this webinar, Dr. Philip Damiani discussed and reviewed the basic concepts of embryo and sperm cryopreservation of rodent models. We elaborated on some of the advantages of cryopreserving your model and how it plays a critical role colony management by:

  • Safeguarding the genetic integrity of valuable strains
  • Preventing genetic drift
  • Offering viable alternative to maintaining active breeding colony
  • Easing of transportation of genetic stock
  • Speeding of recovery of stocks following disasters

More about Dr. Philip Damiani, PhD

Dr. Philip Damiani joined Taconic in 2006 as Senior Scientist/Embryologist. He is currently Head of Global Embryology and is responsible for coordinating scientific research and development within Taconic's embryology laboratories. Dr. Damiani received his B.S. in Zoology from the State University of New York at Oswego in 1988 and his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts in Reproductive Physiology in 1998. Prior to joining Taconic, Dr. Damiani has worked extensively in the field of assisted reproductive technology, including sperm and embryo cryopreservation, in vitro fertilization, nuclear transfer (cloning) for a wide variety of species, including domestic and non-domestic species. He spent time in South Africa working with other researchers to establish a bio-bank and assisted reproductive laboratory for endangered species. During his career he also assisted many zoological parks and laboratory animal facilities in developing disaster plans for ensuring the safety of both living and cryopreserved material.

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