On-Demand Webinar: B6 Albino A++ Mutant Mice as Embryo Donors for Efficient Germline Transmission of B6 ES Cells

Presented by:

Prof. Dr. Branko Zevnik, University of Cologne

Download the presentation slides.

*ERRATUM: On slides 27 and 28, reference was made to all injections taking place with ES clones from a single gene targeting project. In fact, targeted ES clones from multiple different projects were used. The slide deck has been updated, but the error remains in the recorded version.


C57BL/6-derived ES cells are preferred for generation of genetically modified mouse models, but limitations exist in the currently available blastocyst donors for injection of such ES cells. Taconic generated C57BL/6NTac mice carrying a tyrosinase loss-of function mutation and a reversion of the nonagouti locus to agouti. This strain has a high superovulation response, allows visual detection of chimeric coat color contribution of C57BL/6 ES-cells and provides a simplified breeding format that generates black G1 offspring of pure inbred C57BL/6 background in one step, providing the ideal host for genetically manipulated C57BL/6 ES cells. Dr. Zevnik will present data from his recent PLOS One paper describing the generation and characterization of this strain as well as additional data generated in the Taconic custom model generation laboratory in Cologne, Germany, around use of this strain as a blastocyst donor for chimera generation.

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