Wistar Kyoto Outbred Rat Model
Available for immediate cryorecovery

  • Model #
  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • WKY-F
  • WKY-M
  • Often used as the normotensive control for the SHR
  • Males exhibit systolic blood pressures of 125 to 140 mmHg at 10 weeks of age
  • A partially inbred model (F10) which retains some residual heterozygosity


NIH received the Wistar Kyoto inbred/outbred model as an inbred from the Kyoto School of Medicine in 1971. Taconic received stock at F10 from the NIH Animal Genetic Resource in 1974. The rats were derived by caesarean in 1982 and are maintained as a randomly bred closed colony.


Live production of this model ceased on 1/15/16. Breeders will be available to start a colony at your facility or Taconic.

Coat Color Loci:

a, Tyrc, h





n= 50 per sex at the MP Fhealth standard from all US colonies. Data collected 2011-13.
High and Low represent mean +/- 2 standard deviations.
Based on sample size the charts above represents ~60% of the population.
All growth curves represent animals housed in our barriers, at our standard density and fed NIH31-M diet. Variations at customer facilities will alter expected growth curves. Growth charts are provided only as a guide, if a specific weight criteria is needed please order animals by weight.

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Average litter size: 10