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Health Reports Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Animal health and health reports are integral parts of Taconic's Quality Assurance Program. The Taconic International Health Monitoring System™ (IHMS™) includes testing for a comprehensive list of microbiological agents. The Health Reports for each production location are summarized by Health Report Groups (HRG's) or Ventilated Rack Group (VRGs).

Production locations include:
  • Individually Ventilated Unit (IVU)
  • Isolated Barrier Unit™ (IBU™)
  • European Barrier Unit (EBU)
  • Modified Barrier Unit (MBU)
  • Research Barrier Unit (RBU)
  • Multiple Isolator Group (MIG)
Health data is immediately available after review and approval by Taconic's ACLAM certified veterinarians.

Download the latest version of Taconic models by active source location.

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How to find location on TTC label and packing list
Model Health Standard Source/Room Location Report
Model Health Standard Source/Room Location Report


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