All Taconic Biosciences US and European Commercial Rat Colonies Free of Rat Polyomavirus 2

IDEXX BioResearch recently announced the discovery of a novel rat virus, rat polyomavirus 2, and the development of a diagnostic assay for the virus. The biological impact of this new agent is not completely clear, but it may be associated with dyspnea, decreased reproductive performance and mortality in immunocompromised rats. No clinical impact has been observed in immunocompetent rats with rat polyomavirus 2.

Taconic Biosciences has screened all commercial rat locations for the presence of this agent and is pleased to announce that all US and European commercial rat colonies are negative for rat polyomavirus 2. Taconic attributes this result to the strength of its biosecurity program, which includes practices and procedures designed to prevent entry or spread of viral contaminants.

Taconic routinely evaluates its health testing program and updates it based on scientific findings and customer concern. As the biological impact of rat polyomavirus 2 is still being investigated, Taconic does not plan to add rat polyomavirus 2 to its health testing program at this time. It is anticipated that Taconic's strict bioexclusion practices will continue to prevent entry of this agent.

To learn more about the status of colonies produced by Taconic partners in Asia, please inquire. For questions regarding rat polyomavirus 2 or Taconic's animal health program, please contact Dr. Sonya P. Swing, Director of Veterinary Sciences.

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