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Brown AC, et al.
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Brown AC, Olver WI, Donnelly CJ, May ME, Naggert JK, Shaffer DJ, Roopenian DC
(2005) Searching QTL by gene expression: analysis of diabesity. BMC Genet. 6:12
Diabetes (Type 2)
Blackshaw S, et al.
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Blackshaw S, Harpavat S, Trimarchi J, Cai L, Huang H, Kuo WP, Weber G, Lee K, Fraioli RE, Cho SH, Yung R, Asch E, Ohno-Machado L, Wong WH, Cepko CL
(2004) Genomic analysis of mouse retinal development. PLoS Biol. 2(9):E247

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