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Tang Y, et al.
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Tang Y, Tang J, Chen Z, Trost C, Flockerzi V, Li M, Ramesh V, Zhu MX
(2000) Association of mammalian trp4 and phospholipase C isozymes with a PDZ domain-containing protein, NHERF. J. Biol. Chem. 275(48):37559-64
Philipp S, et al.
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Philipp S, Hambrecht J, Braslavski L, Schroth G, Freichel M, Murakami M, Cavalié A, Flockerzi V
(1998) A novel capacitative calcium entry channel expressed in excitable cells. EMBO J. 17(15):4274-82
Petersen CC, et al.
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Petersen CC, Berridge MJ, Borgese MF, Bennett DL
(1995) Putative capacitative calcium entry channels: expression of Drosophila trp and evidence for the existence of vertebrate homologues. Biochem. J. 311 ( Pt 1):41-4
Mori Y, et al.
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Mori Y, Takada N, Okada T, Wakamori M, Imoto K, Wanifuchi H, Oka H, Oba A, Ikenaka K, Kurosaki T
(1998) Differential distribution of TRP Ca2+ channel isoforms in mouse brain. Neuroreport 9(3):507-15
Zhu X, et al.
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Zhu X, Birnbaumer L
(1998) Calcium Channels Formed by Mammalian Trp Homologues. News Physiol. Sci. 13:211-217
Robert M
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Robert M
(1975) [Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin (author's transl)]. Bull Physiopathol Respir (Nancy) 11(1):79-170

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