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Yoshizaki S, et al.
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Yoshizaki S, Tanimura K, Tamada S, Yabuuchi Y, Nakagawa K
(1976) Sympathomimetic amines having a carbostyril nucleus. J. Med. Chem. 19(9):1138-42
Jenkins NA, et al.
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Jenkins NA, Woollatt E, Crawford J, Gilbert DJ, Baldwin ME, Sutherland GR, Copeland NG, Achen MG
(1997) Mapping of the gene for vascular endothelial growth factor-D in mouse and man to the X chromosome. Chromosome Res. 5(7):502-5
Holloway AJ, et al.
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Holloway AJ, Della NG, Fletcher CF, Largespada DA, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Bowtell DD
(1997) Chromosomal mapping of five highly conserved murine homologues of the Drosophila RING finger gene seven-in-absentia. Genomics 41(2):160-8
Moscinski LC, et al.
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Moscinski LC, Prystowsky MB
(1990) Identification of a series of differentiation-associated gene sequences from GM-CSF stimulated bone marrow. Oncogene 5(1):31-7
Carpinterio P, et al.
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Carpinterio P, Anadón R, del Amo FF, Gómez-Márquez J
(1995) The thymosin beta 4 gene is strongly activated in neural tissues during early postimplantation mouse development. Neurosci. Lett. 184(1):63-6
Jonk LJ, et al.
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Jonk LJ, de Jonge ME, Vervaart JM, Wissink S, Kruijer W
(1994) Isolation and developmental expression of retinoic-acid-induced genes. Dev. Biol. 161(2):604-14

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