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Stabile BE, et al.
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Stabile BE, Braunstein GD, Hershman JM, Passaro EP
(1978) Human chorionic gonadotropin alpha subunit as a specific marker for malignancy in the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Surg Forum 29:488-90
Lobe CG
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Lobe CG
(1997) Expression of the helix-loop-helix factor, Hes3, during embryo development suggests a role in early midbrain-hindbrain patterning. Mech. Dev. 62(2):227-37
Leon C, et al.
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Leon C, Lobe CG
(1997) Grg3, a murine Groucho-related gene, is expressed in the developing nervous system and in mesenchyme-induced epithelial structures. Dev. Dyn. 208(1):11-24
Koop KE, et al.
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Koop KE, MacDonald LM, Lobe CG
(1996) Transcripts of Grg4, a murine groucho-related gene, are detected in adjacent tissues to other murine neurogenic gene homologues during embryonic development. Mech. Dev. 59(1):73-87
Mallo M, et al.
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Mallo M, Gendron-Maguire M, Harbison ML, Gridley T
(1995) Protein characterization and targeted disruption of Grg, a mouse gene related to the groucho transcript of the Drosophila Enhancer of split complex. Dev. Dyn. 204(3):338-47
Tchernev VT, et al.
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Tchernev VT, Barbosa MD, Detter JC, Patel TD, Achey K, Wakeland EK, Gueorguieva RV, Yang MC, Gossler A, Kingsmore SF
(1997) Genetic mapping of 20 novel expressed sequence tags from midgestation mouse embryos suggests chromosomal clustering. Genomics 40(1):170-4

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