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Heitz PU
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Heitz PU
(1979) Histochemistry as a tool in clinical and experimental pathology. Pathol. Res. Pract. 164(1):24-34
O'Kane CJ, et al.
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O'Kane CJ, Gehring WJ
(1987) Detection in situ of genomic regulatory elements in Drosophila. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 84(24):9123-7
Korn R, et al.
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Korn R, Schoor M, Neuhaus H, Henseling U, Soininen R, Zachgo J, Gossler A
(1992) Enhancer trap integrations in mouse embryonic stem cells give rise to staining patterns in chimaeric embryos with a high frequency and detect endogenous genes. Mech. Dev. 39(1-2):95-109
Schoor M, et al.
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Schoor M, Schuster-Gossler K, Gossler A
(1993) The Etl-1 gene encodes a nuclear protein differentially expressed during early mouse development. Dev. Dyn. 197(3):227-37
Villeneuve L, et al.
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Villeneuve L, Jiang X, Turmel C, Kozak CA, Jolicoeur P
(1993) Long-range mapping of Mis-2, a common provirus integration site identified in murine leukemia virus-induced thymomas and located 160 kilobase pairs downstream of Myb. J. Virol. 67(10):5733-9
Soininen R, et al.
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Soininen R, Schoor M, Henseling U, Tepe C, Kisters-Woike B, Rossant J, Gossler A
(1992) The mouse Enhancer trap locus 1 (Etl-1): a novel mammalian gene related to Drosophila and yeast transcriptional regulator genes. Mech. Dev. 39(1-2):111-23

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