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Veien NK, et al.
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Veien NK, From E, Kvorning SA
(1976) Microscopy of tonsillar smears and sections in tonsillar gonorrhoea. Acta Otolaryngol. 82(5-6):451-4
Kimura S, et al.
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Kimura S, Tada N, Liu-Lam Y, Hämmerling U
(1983) Further genetic characterization of mouse Ly-m10 alloantigen. Immunogenetics 17(2):211-4
Tada N, et al.
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Tada N, Kimura S, Hammerling U
(1982) Immunogenetics of mouse B-cell alloantigen systems defined by monoclonal antibodies and gene-cluster formation of these loci. Immunol. Rev. 69:99-126
Fowler KJ, et al.
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Fowler KJ, Clouston WM, Fournier RE, Evans BA
(1991) The relaxin gene is located on chromosome 19 in the mouse. FEBS Lett. 292(1-2):183-6
Eicher EM, et al.
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Eicher EM, Shown EP, Bhat D, Seldin MF
(1993) Corrected centromere orientation for mouse chromosome 19 MIT markers. Mamm. Genome 4(4):223-5
Rochelle JM, et al.
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Rochelle JM, Watson ML, Oakey RJ, Seldin MF
(1992) A linkage map of mouse chromosome 19: definition of comparative mapping relationships with human chromosomes 10 and 11 including the MEN1 locus. Genomics 14(1):26-31

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