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Eckhardt F, et al.
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Eckhardt F, Behar O, Calautti E, Yonezawa K, Nishimoto I, Fishman MC
(1997) A novel transmembrane semaphorin can bind c-src. Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 9(5-6):409-19
Dionne MS, et al.
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Dionne MS, Brunet LJ, Eimon PM, Harland RM
(2002) Noggin is required for correct guidance of dorsal root ganglion axons. Dev. Biol. 251(2):283-93
Lillesaar C, et al.
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Lillesaar C, Fried K
(2004) Neurites from trigeminal ganglion explants grown in vitro are repelled or attracted by tooth-related tissues depending on developmental stage. Neuroscience 125(1):149-61

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(1999) Unified nomenclature for the semaphorins/collapsins. Semaphorin Nomenclature Committee. Cell 97(5):551-2
Suto F, et al.
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Suto F, Ito K, Uemura M, Shimizu M, Shinkawa Y, Sanbo M, Shinoda T, Tsuboi M, Takashima S, Yagi T, Fujisawa H
(2005) Plexin-a4 mediates axon-repulsive activities of both secreted and transmembrane semaphorins and plays roles in nerve fiber guidance. J. Neurosci. 25(14):3628-37
Makar AB, et al.
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Makar AB, McMartin KE, Palese M, Tephly TR
(1975) Formate assay in body fluids: application in methanol poisoning. Biochem Med 13(2):117-26

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