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Waters KD
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Waters KD
(1978) Leucoencephalopathy in patients on methotrexate. Lancet 2(8079):46
Law CL, et al.
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Law CL, Torres RM, Sundberg HA, Parkhouse RM, Brannan CI, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Clark EA
(1993) Organization of the murine Cd22 locus. Mapping to chromosome 7 and characterization of two alleles. J. Immunol. 151(1):175-87
Wright MD, et al.
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Wright MD, Rochelle JM, Tomlinson MG, Seldin MF, Williams AF
(1993) Gene structure, chromosomal localization, and protein sequence of mouse CD53 (Cd53): evidence that the transmembrane 4 superfamily arose by gene duplication. Int. Immunol. 5(2):209-16
Lowe DG, et al.
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Lowe DG, Capon DJ, Delwart E, Sakaguchi AY, Naylor SL, Goeddel DV
(1987) Structure of the human and murine R-ras genes, novel genes closely related to ras proto-oncogenes. Cell 48(1):137-46
Saunders AM, et al.
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Saunders AM, Seldin MF
(1990) A molecular genetic linkage map of mouse chromosome 7. Genomics 8(3):525-35
Yang-Feng TL, et al.
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Yang-Feng TL, Schneider JW, Lindgren V, Shull MM, Benz EJ, Lingrel JB, Francke U
(1988) Chromosomal localization of human Na+, K+-ATPase alpha- and beta-subunit genes. Genomics 2(2):128-38

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