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Adachi M, et al.
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Adachi M, Browne D, Lewis EJ
(2000) Paired-like homeodomain proteins Phox2a/Arix and Phox2b/NBPhox have similar genetic organization and independently regulate dopamine beta-hydroxylase gene transcription. DNA Cell Biol. 19(9):539-54
Takeoka H, et al.
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Takeoka H, Iehara N, Uematsu-Yanagita M, Abe H, Sunamoto M, Yamada Y, Kita T, Doi T
(1998) A multifunctional transcription factor (A1p145) regulates the smooth muscle phenotype in mesangial cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 252(2):290-5
Nagle DL, et al.
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Nagle DL, Kozak CA, Mano H, Chapman VM, Bućan M
(1995) Physical mapping of the Tec and Gabrb1 loci reveals that the Wsh mutation on mouse chromosome 5 is associated with an inversion. Hum. Mol. Genet. 4(11):2073-9
Haire RN, et al.
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Haire RN, Litman GW
(1995) The murine form of TXK, a novel TEC kinase expressed in thymus maps to chromosome 5. Mamm. Genome 6(7):476-80
Lyu MS, et al.
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Lyu MS, Kozak CA, Burbelo PD
(1995) Genetic mapping of gene encoding the large subunit of replication factor C (A1-p145) to mouse chromosome 5. Mamm. Genome 6(7):487-8
Norberg K, et al.
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Norberg K, Nilsson B, Siesjö BK
(1975) Proceedings: Coupling between metabolism and blood flow in the brain in hypoxic hypoxia and hypoglycemia. Arzneimittelforschung 25(10):1677-8

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