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Mizuno Y, et al.
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Mizuno Y, Kanou Y, Rogatcheva M, Imai T, Refetoff S, Seo H, Murata Y
(2004) Genomic organization of mouse ZAKI-4 gene that encodes ZAKI-4 alpha and beta isoforms, endogenous calcineurin inhibitors, and changes in the expression of these isoforms by thyroid hormone in adult mouse brain and heart. Eur. J. Endocrinol. 150(3):371-80
Strippoli P, et al.
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Strippoli P, Petrini M, Lenzi L, Carinci P, Zannotti M
(2000) The murine DSCR1-like (Down syndrome candidate region 1) gene family: conserved synteny with the human orthologous genes. Gene 257(2):223-32
Rothermel B, et al.
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Rothermel B, Vega RB, Yang J, Wu H, Bassel-Duby R, Williams RS
(2000) A protein encoded within the Down syndrome critical region is enriched in striated muscles and inhibits calcineurin signaling. J. Biol. Chem. 275(12):8719-25
Strippoli P, et al.
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Strippoli P, Lenzi L, Petrini M, Carinci P, Zannotti M
(2000) A new gene family including DSCR1 (Down Syndrome Candidate Region 1) and ZAKI-4: characterization from yeast to human and identification of DSCR1-like 2, a novel human member (DSCR1L2). Genomics 64(3):252-63
Kuninger D, et al.
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Kuninger D, Kuzmickas R, Peng B, Pintar JE, Rotwein P
(2004) Gene discovery by microarray: identification of novel genes induced during growth factor-mediated muscle cell survival and differentiation. Genomics 84(5):876-89

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