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Vacek L, et al.
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Vacek L, Bravený P
(1978) Blood pressure response to bolus administration of vasoactive drugs in the rat. Physiol Bohemoslov 27(1):37-41
Harada M, et al.
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Harada M, Misaki R, Fukushima H, Nagata M, Makino S
(1989) Strain difference and mode of inheritance of the susceptibility to passive cutaneous anaphylaxis mediated by allogeneic IgE antibody in the mouse. Immunol. Invest. 18(5):723-35
Ruberte E, et al.
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Ruberte E, Friederich V, Morriss-Kay G, Chambon P
(1992) Differential distribution patterns of CRABP I and CRABP II transcripts during mouse embryogenesis. Development 115(4):973-87
Brannan CI, et al.
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Brannan CI, Gilbert DJ, Ceci JD, Matsuda Y, Chapman VM, Mercer JA, Eisen H, Johnston LA, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA
(1992) An interspecific linkage map of mouse chromosome 15 positioned with respect to the centromere. Genomics 13(4):1075-81
Hart CP, et al.
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Hart CP, Compton JG, Langley SH, Hunihan L, LeClair KP, Zelent A, Roderick TH, Ruddle FH
(1992) Genetic linkage analysis of the murine developmental mutant velvet coat (Ve) and the distal chromosome 15 developmental genes Hox-3.1, Rar-g, Wnt-1, and Krt-2. J. Exp. Zool. 263(1):83-95
Nadeau JH, et al.
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Nadeau JH, Compton JG, Giguère V, Rossant J, Varmuza S
(1992) Close linkage of retinoic acid receptor genes with homeobox- and keratin-encoding genes on paralogous segments of mouse chromosomes 11 and 15. Mamm. Genome 3(4):202-8

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