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Gaitan Y, et al.
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Gaitan Y, Bouchard M
(2006) Expression of the delta-protocadherin gene Pcdh19 in the developing mouse embryo. Gene Expr. Patterns 6(8):893-9
Okazaki N, et al.
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Okazaki N, Kikuno R, Ohara R, Inamoto S, Aizawa H, Yuasa S, Nakajima D, Nagase T, Ohara O, Koga H
(2003) Prediction of the coding sequences of mouse homologues of KIAA gene: II. The complete nucleotide sequences of 400 mouse KIAA-homologous cDNAs identified by screening of terminal sequences of cDNA clones randomly sampled from size-fractionated libraries. DNA Res. 10(1):35-48

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