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Nieswandt B, et al.
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Nieswandt B, Bergmeier W, Eckly A, Schulte V, Ohlmann P, Cazenave JP, Zirngibl H, Offermanns S, Gachet C
(2001) Evidence for cross-talk between glycoprotein VI and Gi-coupled receptors during collagen-induced platelet aggregation. Blood 97(12):3829-35
Léon C, et al.
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Léon C, Hechler B, Freund M, Eckly A, Vial C, Ohlmann P, Dierich A, LeMeur M, Cazenave JP, Gachet C
(1999) Defective platelet aggregation and increased resistance to thrombosis in purinergic P2Y(1) receptor-null mice. J. Clin. Invest. 104(12):1731-7
Schachter JB, et al.
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Schachter JB, Li Q, Boyer JL, Nicholas RA, Harden TK
(1996) Second messenger cascade specificity and pharmacological selectivity of the human P2Y1-purinoceptor. Br. J. Pharmacol. 118(1):167-73
Janssens R, et al.
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Janssens R, Communi D, Pirotton S, Samson M, Parmentier M, Boeynaems JM
(1996) Cloning and tissue distribution of the human P2Y1 receptor. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 221(3):588-93
Kunapuli SP, et al.
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Kunapuli SP, Daniel JL
(1998) P2 receptor subtypes in the cardiovascular system. Biochem. J. 336 ( Pt 3):513-23
Lorkin PA, et al.
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Lorkin PA, Stephens AD, Beard ME, Wrigley PF, Adams L, Lehmann H
(1975) Haemoglobin Rahere (beta Lys-Thr): A new high affinity haemoglobin associated with decreased 2, 3-diphosphoglycerate binding and relative polycythaemia. Br Med J 4(5990):200-2

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