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Korr H
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Korr H
(1978) Combination of metallic impregnation and autoradiography of brain sections. A method for differentiation of proliferating glial cells in the brain of adult rats and mice. Histochemistry 59(2):111-6
Kingsmore SF, et al.
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Kingsmore SF, Watson ML, Seldin MF
(1993) Genetic mapping of the high-affinity nerve growth factor receptor gene, Ntrk1, to mouse chromosome 3. Genomics 17(3):794-5
Tessarollo L, et al.
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Tessarollo L, Tsoulfas P, Martin-Zanca D, Gilbert DJ, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Parada LF
(1993) trkC, a receptor for neurotrophin-3, is widely expressed in the developing nervous system and in non-neuronal tissues. Development 118(2):463-75
Martin-Zanca D, et al.
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Martin-Zanca D, Barbacid M, Parada LF
(1990) Expression of the trk proto-oncogene is restricted to the sensory cranial and spinal ganglia of neural crest origin in mouse development. Genes Dev. 4(5):683-94
Klein R, et al.
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Klein R, Parada LF, Coulier F, Barbacid M
(1989) trkB, a novel tyrosine protein kinase receptor expressed during mouse neural development. EMBO J. 8(12):3701-9
Barbacid M, et al.
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Barbacid M, Lamballe F, Pulido D, Klein R
(1991) The trk family of tyrosine protein kinase receptors. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1072(2-3):115-27

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