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(1978) Food allergy. Lancet 1(8067):773
Vasiliou V, et al.
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Vasiliou V, Theurer MJ, Puga A, Reuter SF, Nebert DW
(1994) Mouse dioxin-inducible NAD(P)H: menadione oxidoreductase: NMO1 cDNA sequence and genetic differences in mRNA levels. Pharmacogenetics 4(6):341-8
Chen S, et al.
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Chen S, Clarke PE, Martino PA, Deng PS, Yeh CH, Lee TD, Prochaska HJ, Talalay P
(1994) Mouse liver NAD(P)H:quinone acceptor oxidoreductase: protein sequence analysis by tandem mass spectrometry, cDNA cloning, expression in Escherichia coli, and enzyme activity analysis. Protein Sci. 3(8):1296-304
Petersen DD, et al.
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Petersen DD, Gonzalez FJ, Rapic V, Kozak CA, Lee JY, Jones JE, Nebert DW
(1989) Marked increases in hepatic NAD(P)H:oxidoreductase gene transcription and mRNA levels correlated with a mouse chromosome 7 deletion. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 86(17):6699-703
Puga A, et al.
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Puga A, Raychaudhuri B, Nebert DW
(1992) Transcriptional derepression of the murine Cyp1a-1 gene by mevinolin. FASEB J. 6(2):777-85
Yasue M, et al.
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Yasue M, Serikawa T, Yamada J
(1991) Chromosomal assignments of 23 biochemical loci of the rat by using rat x mouse somatic cell hybrids. Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 57(2-3):142-8

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