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Dabernat S, et al.
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Dabernat S, Larou M, Massé K, Dobremez E, Landry M, Mathieu C, Daniel JY
(1999) Organization and expression of mouse nm23-M1 gene. Comparison with nm23-M2 expression. Gene 236(2):221-30
Gervasi F, et al.
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Gervasi F, Capozza F, Bruno T, Fanciulli M, Lombardi D
(1998) Identification of novel mRNA transcripts of the nm23-M1 gene that are modulated during mouse embryo development and are differently expressed in adult murine tissues. DNA Cell Biol. 17(12):1047-55
Parker C, et al.
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Parker C, Sherbet GV
(1992) Modulators of intracellular Ca2+ and the calmodulin inhibitor W-7 alter the expression of metastasis-associated genes MTS1 and NM23 in metastatic variants of the B16 murine melanoma. Melanoma Res. 2(5-6):337-43
Jiang XP, et al.
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Jiang XP, Tang ZY, Liu KD, Zhou XD, Lin ZY, Ling MY, Wu XF
(1996) mRNA levels of nm23 in murine ascites hepatoma (H22) clones with different lymphatic metastatic potential. J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol. 122(1):55-8
Takenaka M, et al.
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Takenaka M, Imai E, Kaneko T, Ito T, Moriyama T, Yamauchi A, Hori M, Kawamoto S, Okubo K
(1998) Isolation of genes identified in mouse renal proximal tubule by comparing different gene expression profiles. Kidney Int. 53(3):562-72
Bennun A
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Bennun A
(1975) Hypothesis on the role of liganded states of proteins in energy transducing systems. BioSystems 7(2):230-44

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