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Bowers GN, et al.
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Bowers GN, McComb RB
(1975) Measurement of total alkaline phosphatase activity in human serum. Clin. Chem. 21(13):1988-95
Darbas A, et al.
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Darbas A, Jaegle M, Walbeehm E, van den Burg H, Driegen S, Broos L, Uyl M, Visser P, Grosveld F, Meijer D
(2004) Cell autonomy of the mouse claw paw mutation. Dev. Biol. 272(2):470-82
Bermingham JR, et al.
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Bermingham JR, Shumas S, Whisenhunt T, Sirkowski EE, O'Connell S, Scherer SS, Rosenfeld MG
(2002) Identification of genes that are downregulated in the absence of the POU domain transcription factor pou3f1 (Oct-6, Tst-1, SCIP) in sciatic nerve. J. Neurosci. 22(23):10217-31
Niemann S, et al.
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Niemann S, Sidman RL, Nave KA
(1998) Evidence against altered forms of MAG in the dysmyelinated mouse mutant claw paw. Mamm. Genome 9(11):903-4
Koszowski AG, et al.
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Koszowski AG, Owens GC, Levinson SR
(1998) The effect of the mouse mutation claw paw on myelination and nodal frequency in sciatic nerves. J. Neurosci. 18(15):5859-68
Henry EW, et al.
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Henry EW, Eicher EM, Sidman RL
(1991) The mouse mutation claw paw: forelimb deformity and delayed myelination throughout the peripheral nervous system. J. Hered. 82(4):287-94

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