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Plachy R
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Plachy R
(1976) Direct confrontation may solve personnel conflict. Mod Healthc (Short Term Care) 6(2):49, 54
Grewal PK, et al.
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Grewal PK, Bolland DJ, Todd LC, Hewitt JE
(1998) High-resolution mapping of mouse chromosome 8 identifies an evolutionary chromosomal breakpoint. Mamm. Genome 9(8):603-7
Mills KA, et al.
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Mills KA, Ellison JW, Mathews KD
(1996) The Ant1 gene maps near Klk3 on proximal mouse chromosome 8. Mamm. Genome 7(9):707
Beaubien G, et al.
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Beaubien G, Rosinski-Chupin I, Mattei MG, Mbikay M, Chrétien M, Seidah NG
(1991) Gene structure and chromosomal localization of plasma kallikrein. Biochemistry 30(6):1628-35
Seidah NG, et al.
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Seidah NG, Sawyer N, Hamelin J, Mion P, Beaubien G, Brachpapa L, Rochemont J, Mbikay M, Chrétien M
(1990) Mouse plasma kallikrein: cDNA structure, enzyme characterization, and comparison of protein and mRNA levels among species. DNA Cell Biol. 9(10):737-48
Angata T, et al.
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Angata T, Margulies EH, Green ED, Varki A
(2004) Large-scale sequencing of the CD33-related Siglec gene cluster in five mammalian species reveals rapid evolution by multiple mechanisms. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 101(36):13251-6