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Ballif BA, et al.
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Ballif BA, Arnaud L, Arthur WT, Guris D, Imamoto A, Cooper JA
(2004) Activation of a Dab1/CrkL/C3G/Rap1 pathway in Reelin-stimulated neurons. Curr. Biol. 14(7):606-10
Watanabe H, et al.
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Watanabe H, Nagata E, Kosakai A, Nakamura M, Yokoyama M, Tanaka K, Sasai H
(2000) Disruption of the epilepsy KCNQ2 gene results in neural hyperexcitability. J. Neurochem. 75(1):28-33
McCormack T, et al.
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McCormack T, Rudy B, Seldin MF
(1999) Chromosomal mapping of the potassium channel genes Kcnq2 and Kcnq3 in mouse. Genomics 56(3):360-1
Harrell MD, et al.
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Harrell MD, Harbi S, Hoffman JF, Zavadil J, Coetzee WA
(2007) Large-scale analysis of ion channel gene expression in the mouse heart during perinatal development. Physiol. Genomics 28(3):273-83
Kurrasch DM, et al.
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Kurrasch DM, Cheung CC, Lee FY, Tran PV, Hata K, Ingraham HA
(2007) The neonatal ventromedial hypothalamus transcriptome reveals novel markers with spatially distinct patterning. J. Neurosci. 27(50):13624-34

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